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    Brand: B&B ITALIA
    Online: SITO WEB

    B & B Italia is an Italian company leader in the field of design furniture at an international level, both domestic (B & B Italia Home Division) and collective (B & B Italia Contract Division). Founded in 1966 thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, it is a company that has distinguished itself from its origins for its industrial vocation, introducing a managerial approach in the company organization, in contrast with the artisan and family logic typical of the sector. The headquarter is in Novedrate (Como), north of Milan, and boasts a prestigious headquarters designed in 1972 by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. The products of B & B Italia have contributed to writing the history of Italian design, the adventurous story of the affirmation of taste, of the technologies, of the creativity that have made Italy famous in the world and widespread "made in Italy" on world markets. The B & B Italia furniture collection comes from the ability to represent contemporary culture and promptly respond to the evolution of living. And from the alchemy between creativity, innovation and industrial capacity emerge modern furnishing elements, strongly distinctive and characterized by great quality and "timeless" elegance.