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Name: Andrea Parisio


City:Lodi - Italia

Site web:N. D.

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Andrea Parisio was born in Lodi in 1964, art director and designer of MERIDIANI, he attended the European Institute of Design in Milan and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Pavia. He acquired a long and rich working experience as a consultant in different furniture showrooms paying particular attention to the commercial and design aspects.


In the same period he worked as an interior designer for both private residences and public spaces. Under his direction and stylistic supervision, in 2000 the Meridiani brand was created and launched on international markets in which Andrea Parisio presented the first products of the collection, for example The bedside tables of the Shine Dimitri collection. As artistic director, he coordinates the image of the Meridiani brand, the design of single-brand corporate spaces and exhibition spaces at international fairs. In 1996, the first store in Milan was inaugurated, a space / laboratory of ideas, in which the products of the collection he designed were designed and presented. A collection that, over the years, has expanded and consolidated, always keeping a precise direction: the desire to create a series of products with a contemporary imprint that would not forget the lesson of the past and could give life to a 'timeless collection ', able to assimilate new trends without giving in to the whims of the most extreme design. As artistic director, Parisio coordinates the brand image, the design of the single brand company spaces and the exhibition spaces at international fairs. Andrea Parisio lives and works in Milan.