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Name: Monica Armani


City:Trento - Italia

Site web:M. Armani

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Monica Armani is an Italian architect and designer, was born in Trento in 1964, and graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan, has as its objective the drastic refusal of the superfluous and incessant search for perfection. This can be summarized as Monica Armani's work, which today is divided between Milan and Trento. She began her professional experience with her father Marcello Armani, an extraordinary rationalist architect, who passed on her passion for the world of design, the culture of detail, enthusiasm for research.


In 1996 he began a brilliant self-production experience with Luca Dallabetta which was very successful with a collection characterized by pure design and strong innovative content, which led the Monica Armani brand to establish itself in the panorama of contemporary design. In 2005 the project was edited by B&B Italia, and since then has been designing for the best known companies in the sector. Products treated in every single detail by the studio team, which is not limited to the design of the object, but often offers different functions of use, introducing new techniques and materials and, on some occasions, following all aspects of development, in a total concept of service design. Formal aestheticism therefore, innovation and engineering give life to a unique and recognizable style. A continuous thread that links industrial design to architecture and interior decoration. A matching that gives rise to projects characterized by surprising spatiality, with innovative and dedicated technical solutions; from lights to facades, from internal partitions to plant solutions. The rigor of geometry always inspires my projects, together with the need to free space from the overload of signs. "Less is more", one of the maxims of mies van der rohe, is the synthesis in which perhaps I most recognize myself. I believe that a cleaning job on the project, a "detail equation", that is a sort of search for balance between all its aspects, is the indispensable step to create "places" that can be contemporary and timeless.
2000 is the year of his first collection, Project 1, which thanks to a fresh and innovative style projects it directly to the highest levels of Italian design. Each of his works is reviewed by the main sector newspapers, his projects are made by some of the reference companies of contemporary design, including B&B Italia, BoffiDavide Groppi, Gallotti and Radice, Lualdi, Molteni & C, from the collaboration B&B Italia will be born the Madison Mirror. In recent years she has also been involved in the design of retail spaces, focusing in particular on the use of light. A job that led to the creation of two important projects: the "Clouds" ceiling, an installation that is a dream of clouds in constant chromatic change; and the large "Excelsior" concept shop, a mix of spaces, light and technology created by recovering an old theater in the center of Milan.