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Name:Naoto Fukasawa


City:TOKIO - Japan

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Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Naoto Fukasawa is considered to be one of the most famous and influential contemporary designers. He was born in 1956 in the Yamanashi district of Japan and graduated in 1980 from the Faculty of Product Design at Tama Art University. He worked until 1988 as a designer in the Seiko Epson group and the following year he left for the United States. He returned to Japan and in 2003 he founded "Naoto Fukasawa design" in Tokyo. Fukasawa collaborates with numerous companies such as Vitra, Alessi, Boffi, Driade, Danese, Artemide, Magis, B&B Italia, Serralunga and Glas.
From these collaborations among the most stimulating, what binds it to B&B Italia deserves to be remembered, in fact, among its unforgettable products we like to remember:
The whole Ayana collection including the Small Table - The Armchair - The Sofa, the Fiore small table, the Papilio Shell chair and the Titikaka bench.
Fukasawa has a minimal and organic approach to design and in 2007 he was recognized the title of Hon RDI- Honorable Royal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts). He has received over 50 awards, including the American IDEA Gold Award, the British D&AD Gold Award and the Mainichi Gold Award. The MD DVD player for Muji and the Infobar mobile phone for AU are part of the permanent collection at MOMA in New York.


Always devoted to achieving simplicity and sublime beauty, Fukasawa has designed products for a long series of international brands in Italy, Germany, United States, Switzerland, Spain, China, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Portugal, Sweden and Finland, as well as having collaborated as designer and consultant with numerous large Japanese companies. His creativity embraces very different sectors, from precision electronic equipment to furnishings and interior design. In his career as a designer he has received prestigious national and international awards. The wall-mounted CD player made for MUJI, the humidifier designed for Plus Minus Zero and the INFOBAR and Neon cell phones created for au / KDDI are all part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2007, the Royal Society of Arts of the United Kingdom awarded him the title of "Honorable Royal Designer for Industry". The wall CD player made for MUJI is also part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, while its HIROSHIMA armchair, made for MARUNI, is part of the permanent collection of the Danmark Designmuseum. In the academic field, he teaches at the integrated design department of the Tama University of Fine Arts.

The object they ask me to make must have a purpose for human life.
If it's just to make money, I don't accept.
Many companies ask me to use my name to make something that I don't care about, in these cases I refuse.
My goal is to create something that does good.”

(Naoto Fukasawa)

Naoto Fukasawa designed it the most famous cd player in the world, produced by Muji: a white box that hangs on the wall with a string that goes downwards for ignition; proportionate, it blends into the environment in a sublime way. He is also the author of Papilio, the collection of furnishings among the most sold by B&B Italia and many other pieces in their catalog. And even behind the rental bicycles that have invaded the cities, with the orange rims and the aluminum structure, there is his signature. Quiet, never screamed, because his projects are dedicated to simplicity and pure beauty. In its elegant forms there are no excesses, only what is necessary. Its goal? Improve the atmosphere of places and everyday life with design. In 2006, together with Jasper Morrison, he founded the Super Normal project, a manifesto with which they show what design should be for them: the project of objects that measure themselves against the daily reality of life.