Leonardo e Marzia Dainelli architect and designer



Name: Leonardo e Marzia Dainelli


City:Milano - Italia

Site web:Dainelli Studio

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Dainelli Studio was founded in 2007 by Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, a couple of designers and architects specialized in product design and interior design respectively. The studio - based in Milan and Pisa - realizes interior projects for public and private spaces and has collaborations with prestigious companies in the world of furniture and realities specialized in luxury living including: Arketipo, Fendi Casa, Fiam, Frag , Fratelli Boffi, Gallotti & Radice, Giorgetti, Lema, Londonart, Mogg and Porada. For Fiam Italia in the Veblen mirror collection they designed the New Baroque model and the Trinity Mirror.


The continuous aesthetic and formal research, a distinctive trait of Dainelli Studio, takes the form of a refined design, attentive to proportions, harmony between shapes, colors, materials and finishes. Each project, in fact, brings with it a profound design culture combined with knowledge of industrial and artisanal production techniques and processes. The ability to communicate at the same time both with the environment and with the single product - thanks to the different know-how of Leonardo and Marzia - allows to give life to every element necessary for the construction of a completely personalized project: from the single object created on measure up to the total look of a complete habitat.