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Name: Sofia Lagerkvist + Anna Lindgren


City:Stoccolma - Svezia

Site web: Front design

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren form the Swedish design group Front. Their works are born from shared sharing, research and experiments and the two collaborate in the whole process, from the initial ideas to the final product. Their research focuses on design objects, furnishings and interiors and they explore the production process, questioning the traditional role of the designer. The objects designed by Front often communicate to the observer a story about the design process, the material with which it is made. In their work, one can often find a story related to the creative process, conventions and expectations or about the material with which it was created. Their works include a wide range of products made by taking inspiration from animals, virtual games, objects created by chance and magical furnishings, combining mass production and research, functionality and surprise effect.


Studio Front has collaborations with brands of the caliber of Kartell, Axor Hansgrohe, Stelton, Moroso, Tom Dixon and Moooi, just to name a few. Their projects are fascinating and iconic such as: Coat Rack Bench, Blow Away Vase by Moooi, Leather and Plastic Chair or the Scketch furniture collection, works behind which the feminine touch is always hidden. Research and attention to detail are found in each of their projects. As happens for Doodle sofa, designed in 2011 for Moroso. The sofa is decorated with a series of doodles recreated ad hoc by the studio to decorate the upholstery. Studio Front used scribbles and sketches they made during the project meetings to create this sofa. Decoration is a sort of by-product of their creative process. Visionary and unexpected in projects such as the Animal Thing series for Moooi, an example is The Pig Table.