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Name:Giulio Gianturco


City: Villorba - Italia

Site web: G. Gianturco

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Giulio Gianturco Born in 1953, graduated in Medicine and Surgery (specialized in Medical Hydroclimatology and Thermal Clinic, and Phlebology), he has participated in numerous regattas with a catamaran since the eighties and on this occasion he learns to know and falls in love with the characteristics of some materials technical (stainless steel, aramid fibers).


From there he begins to transfer the experience gained with these materials in designing and building the first pieces for his home, to which over time the requests of his friends are added and so he begins to produce small series. In 1995 he began to collaborate with BOFFI, for which he designed MINIMAL, of considerable interest also the Air Ceiling Fan. Since then he has also been designing for ALPES INOX, AGAPE, CEA, CESANA, DIMENSIONE DISEGNO and others. With the KAA project for Agape he is awarded with EDIDA 2005, DESIGN PLUS MATERIAL VISION 2005 and DESIGNPREIS 2007. In 2006 FIRE for Boffi wins the WALLPAPER AWARD. GUENDALINA for Fizan is selected in the DESIGN INDEX 2010.