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Mikal Harrsen is a Danish architect and industrial designer who has his headquarters in Milan. In addition to his work as a designer and collaborator with leading international design brands, Harrsen is an entrepreneur.


In 2012 he founded the successful furniture brand MA/U Studio in Copenhagen; in 2017, it moved the company's operations to Italy when the brand merged with the Milan-based Boffi & DePadova brands. Today Mikal Harrsen focuses his attention on exploring isolated aesthetic aspects of materials and design. In 2019 he founded Design Editions, a brand specializing in the production of design objects for vertical surfaces. The brand collaborates with a range of international designers and a select group of high-end manufacturers from northern Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark. Throughout his career Mikal Harrsen has focused on creating original design solutions for clients and brands with ambitious projects and a broad product portfolio. In 2012 he founded MA/U Studio together with Adam Hall. The brand is focused on functional, eternal and minimalist, high quality furniture design, an example is the R.I.G. bookcase The modular system able to transform into a lower version, suitable for the living room, study, entrance and the dining room: TV stand, coffee tables, sideboards and low bookcases. Mikal Harrsen speaking of his world states: “As a designer I live through visual impressions. For me, a design object is like an image to be developed: the creative vision is captured mainly through the senses. I believe that design is like a personal filter that I use when defining a physical form or object for this vision. ”With over two decades of experience as an independent designer, Mikal Harrsen has acquired solid know-how and has received numerous international awards: Red Dot Award IF Design Award Communication Arts Award ADEX Platinum (American Design Award of excellence) Design Prize of and Federal Republic of Germany (nominee).