Nika Zupanc designer



Name: Nika Zupanc


City:Lubiana - Slovenia

Site web: N. Zupanc

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Nika Zupanc, a young interior designer from Ljubljana, graduated in 2000 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the same city. The designer, Nika Zupanc has become a name recognized worldwide with the launch of the Lolita lamp, her first object produced by Moooi.
Zupanc works as an independent designer and in 2008 she opened her own studio and is constantly involved in new projects that arise from distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design and cutting-edge technologies.


Its products are part of the range of renowned design companies such as Moooi, (example of creativity is the Golden Chair, always designed for the Dutch house), Moroso and Nodus and works with prestigious customers on specially assigned projects, such as its installation. Room of one for Dior. His fine limited edition collections and installations are exhibited all over the world, sometimes as part of high-level collaborations such as that with Rossana Orlandi. Over the years, Zupanc has consistently produced objects under its Nika Zupanc brand and has signed numerous interior projects.
At the same time, it has continued to enrich its portfolio with growing success and, in recent years, it is among the most appreciated designers of Milan Design Week: not only for its stand-alone products but also for its installations, including Love Me More , curated by Rossana Orlandi.
Nika Zupanc's design has a strong emotional charge, characterized by what is defined by Elle USA as a "Punk Elegance" that arouses amazement and wonder, communicating "Things that cannot be told".