Noortje van Eekelen designer



Name: Noortje van Eekelen


City:Amsterdam - Olanda

Site web:N. V. EEKELEN

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Noortje van Eekelen is a passionate and motivated designer, researcher, active in various capacities in the international artistic field. He is responsible for preparing for the realization of a multitude of projects both on commission and on his own initiative. Noortje van Eekelen aims to develop social design projects, in order to inform society and raise awareness of contemporary issues.


In the realization of his work a method is used that tries to implement research in design and associated expressions. Furthermore, the projects are approached with a method based on a critical theory. This type of design uses design fiction and speculative design proposals to challenge assumptions and conceptions of current developments. Noortje van Eekelen encourages collaborations, involving professionals from different fields of knowledge. Supported by a team of experts, she manages her design studio since 2009, for MOOOI she designed the Utopian carpet collection.