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Name:Raimond Puts


City:Amsterdam - Holland

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If there is a sort of thread that runs through the life of Raimond Puts (1937 - 2012), then it must be that of technical engineering. Raimond Puts was born in the Netherlands, was born as a machine designer, he developed this talent and passion for mechanics at an early age when he played with his Meccano box. During the years of his training he begins his technical studies and learns the art of metal and this opens up a new world and new visions for him.


In his work he sought the ideal integration of beauty and functionality. In his projects he has always sought the essence starting from minimum means to achieve maximum results. This conceptual simplicity inspired him to continue looking for new constructions that led him to discover new forms and continuous surprises. In 2010 Raimond Puts won the best best Woonproduct of 2010 Award (Sanoma Woon Awards) with the Raimond Lamp and Chandelier designed for Moooi.
Raimond Puts has continuously explored forms of technical engineering throughout his career. He spent most of his early years arranging transistor manufacturing machines and tools before gradually moving into the world of design. Often mistaken for a math professor, Puts was completely self-taught, with a knack for building and designing complex shapes. Living and working from his houseboat on the canals of Amsterdam, Puts has experimented with a wide range of materials, from his childhood Mechano set, to mosquito nets, to paper and, in particular, to LED lights and stainless steel. His process was characterized by his love for geometric shapes and patterns, precise designs and practical problem solving, which led to the development of his iconic Raimond light for Moooi. By combining beauty and functionality, Puts was not only interested in outward results, but sought to create objects in which everything fit perfectly and was connected to everything else.