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Name: Rick Tegelaar


City:Rotterdam - Olanda

Site web: R. Tegelaar

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Rick Tegelaar was born in Rotterdam in 1986 and graduated with honors from the design department of ArtEZ Arnhem in 2011. He immediately opened his own Atelier - Studio and works independently from his studio and laboratory in Arnhem. As a material-oriented designer, Rick's work is characterized by the use of very rare materials, which find new shapes wonderfully modeled with an innovative approach.


Rick has been interested in machinery and mechanical processes since childhood. This fascination for engineering, combined with its delicate aesthetic sense, is reflected in his designs, which cast a new light on underrated materials. "I have always obtained a lot of satisfaction from the creation processes until I achieved something. As a child I always played with Legos. Even now, sometimes I use Legos to create a scale model. I am a designer who combines thought and action for development of new projects ". Tegelaar forges a strong collaboration with MOOOI which allows him to realize his own concepts applied to design, in fact with the Meshmatics Chandelier Rick Tegelaar elevates the nature of the humble wire mesh by developing a machine and a set of tools to model it with precision. The full potential of this thin and flexible material is then stretched and captured within three layers of beauty. The light penetrates cascading through the ingenious frame of the lamp, creating sparkling reflections and projecting an elaborate network of shadows on the ceiling.