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Name: Roberto Lazzeroni


City:Pisa - Italia

Site web: R. Lazzeroni

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa, his professional career is linked to the studies of Art and Architecture that he fulfills in Florence and to the interests he matures over the years of his training as a careful participant in the phenomena of conceptual art and those of Radical Design.


It was at the beginning of the 1980s that he made his professional debut with a series of important "Interior Architecture" works that were immediately noticed and published by Italian and foreign magazines. According to him, "interior architecture" is a necessary discipline, a gym where you can have multiple experiences on materials, techniques and problems of the home. A fundamental experience for the subsequent approach to the world of product design. Very receptive towards the history of design and its signs, with its own very recognizable stylistic code that he loves to define "sentimental design" it is in fact easy even for an inexperienced eye, to perceive the tension between past and future that exists in the projects of Roberto Lazzeroni, his is a design that without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolities, relocates objects in a history, in a tradition, in an autobiographical or collective memory. This way of understanding design has led him to specialize in the design of real concepts, his professional career is very dynamic and sees him today engaged on several fronts, as well as very receptive to the history of design. His design concept makes use of industrial geometries without frivolity, in tension between past and future. He collaborates among others with Baxter, Ceccotti Collections, Flexform, Mood, Poltrona Frau. Since 2008 he has signed numerous projects for Lema, the Vic bedside Table is a clear example of Sentimental Design, other examples of an emotional design we have from the collaboration with Poltrona Frau, in the Martha rocking chair and in the Fiorile coffee table or bedside table with drawer. Roberto Lazzeroni has a professional career that today sees him engaged in prestigious collaborations, art direction and interior and contract projects in various parts of the world.