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Purchase MOOOI Wallcovering at outlet prices and request an exclusive offer for these designs by Marcel Wanders. Trust our experience and the expertise of our designers as we explore the endless possibilities offered by the MOOOI Wallcovering Collection to find the perfect solution for your home. Choose from the magical animals of the Extinct Animals collection, the captivating patterns inspired by exotic animal features, the fantastic landscapes highlighted by bold color combinations in the Memento collection, or be seduced by the oriental atmospheres of the Tokyo Blue collection. Finally, the sophisticated, tranquil, and refined MOOOI Green House collection exudes ethereal beauty reminiscent of Victorian greenhouses, with floral and abstract motifs in natural colors, offering a sophisticated and tactile experience for your walls. These collections are made with original and high-quality materials such as wood veneer, jacquard fabric, bouclé fabric, 3D fabric, and silk textures. Each collection encompasses a world of stories and suggestions, ready to come to life on your walls.
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MOOOI, the renowned Dutch design brand, never ceases to amaze with its limitless creativity in design. MOOOI wallcovering collections transcend simple wall coverings, becoming artworks that adorn walls with fantastic landscapes and captivating stories. These collections are perfect for modern homes, enhancing any space from living rooms and kitchens to entryways and bedrooms. Among the most iconic collections, also signed by master designer Marcel Wanders, are:

Extinct Animal: A Tribute to Lost Beauty

The Extinct Animal wallcovering collection reimagines the natural world in a surreal and visionary way. It brings magnificent creatures, now vanished from Earth, back to life. Skins and feathers inspire the various wallpapers, depicted with hyper-realistic details and vibrant colors. Extraordinary features of prehistoric elephants, majestic mammoths, and saber-toothed tigers come alive on the walls, evoking wonder and reflection.

MOOOI Wallcovering

Memento MOOOI: A Journey Through Time and Memories

Memento MOOOI pays homage to memory and the past. This wallcovering collection depicts extinct animals immersed in paradisiacal environments intertwined with contemporary elements, creating a play of eras and suggestions. It is a nostalgic journey celebrating the timeless beauty of design, with animals teaching us to cherish every moment and live to create wonderful memories. The Memento Moooi Medley wall covering is digitally printed on soft, impactful fabric. Both Extinct Animal and Memento MOOOI remind us to love each moment, create incredible memories, and celebrate life while it lasts.

Memento MOOOI Wallcovering

Tokyo Blue: An Immersion in Oriental Charm

Tokyo Blue transports us to a dreamlike atmosphere inspired by Japanese culture. The collection is printed on soft, velvety fabric, blending denim textures in a swirl of colors and shapes. This creates a suggestive and refined environment depicting a lush forest full of life and movement. On closer inspection, indigo macaques dressed in traditional kimonos can be discovered among the abundance of exotic flowers.

Tokyo Blue MOOOI Wallcovering

The Green House Wallcovering Collection: An Enchanted Botanical Realm

The Green House Wallcovering Collection invites exploration of a fantastic world filled with floral greenhouses and the refined elegance of Victorian-era villas. Discover patterns hidden inside the MOOOI Green House, from floral and abstract textures to a botanical spectacle in natural colors that offer a sophisticated and tactile experience for your walls. The collection includes various wall coverings made from original materials like wood veneer, jacquard fabric, bouclé fabric, 3D prints, and silk textures.

Greenhouse Gathering Wallcovering is a stunning mural inspired by decorative moldings. Emulating the trompe-l'œil effect, the design imitates the sensation of peeking through the glass panels of a greenhouse to uncover the fascinating wonders of lush flowers. Steeped in Art Deco charm, Greenhouse Gathering Wallcovering comes in a monochromatic palette reminiscent of plaster, with a soft suede-like appearance for added tactility.

Woodblock Beetle Wallcovering showcases the beauty of handcrafted wood veneer inlays. The monocolor design is meticulously arranged in two directions, creating a subtle mix of tones reminiscent of classical inlay art. Vibrant flowers bloom in kaleidoscopic hues, their scents mingling with the earthy aroma of trees and exotic shrubs, presenting a botanical spectacle. Testifying to the bustling life within this verdant sanctuary are the tiny, invisible creatures and artistic details.

Lacy Longlegs Wallcovering is a 3D textile wall covering. This tactile mural creates a soft, three-dimensional effect with bouclé fabric, drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of spider webs, favorite leaves, and Gothic arches.

Techno Bee is a textile wallpaper characterized by a unique moiré effect, available in two variants: a soft gauze fabric stretched over a structured relief that reveals the fabric color through the grid of the gauze layer, and an embroidered version where the pattern is stitched onto a cotton/linen blend fabric.

Silk Bombis is a textile wall covering featuring abstract floral motifs reminiscent of watercolor petals. The design showcases the tactile quality of raw silk, presenting a colorful fil-à-fil composition in soft neutral and pastel tones.

Coccinella Bella is inspired by the vast array of flowers and leaves that constitute the natural habitat of ladybugs. The pattern features a Jacobean-style floral design, available in two variants: a detailed, multicolored version printed on a soft-touch fabric, and a bicolored jacquard fabric version.

Green House MOOOI Wallcovering
Green House MOOOI Wallcovering

MOOOI Wallcovering approaches wall design like choosing clothing, with styles that include large and small decorations, patterns, flowers, stripes, and geometric designs in various materials and structures. The versatility of MOOOI wallcovering allows for imaginative decoration of all home spaces, making its decorative power extremely high.


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