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Name:Elisa Ossino


City:Siracusa - Italia

Site web: E. Ossino

Info:TEL +39 0721 430392
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Elisa Ossino is an architect and interior designer. Born in Sicily, she trained in Milan, where she studied at the Polytechnic. In 2006 he founded Studio Elisa Ossino focusing on the artistic direction, scenography, styling, residential and commercial interiors, product design. His works combine geometric abstraction with monochrome, metaphysical and surrealist references, creating a coherent and allusive relationship between space, light and objects. A sort of stage suspension inspires Elisa's style, bringing a particular form of lightness to each project. Essential lines and geometries are the distinctive features of his projects, which give the space a deep scenographic feeling.


Alongside her studio activity, Elisa Ossino carries out research that led her to create, together with other partners, in 2004, a children's design brand, Nume, for which she designed the furniture collection together with her identity. visual. In 2010, he founded the Temporary Workshop project with others, combining design and artistic expressions, with particular attention to social content. In his recent explorations, there is a renewed interest in the linguistic potential of the visual arts and multimedia. Elisa Ossino's is a studio made up of a team of creatives who come from different disciplines, united by the artistic direction of the architect and interior designer from Lentini, in the province of Syracuse.
"I am very inspired by art, in my interiors the elements make up the space like a painting.
The carpet has a very important role, creates a pattern and gives identity. "
Elisa Ossino
Thanks to his eclectic approach to the world of design, he works with many brands in the furniture sector, moving easily between them while maintaining his style. Living Divani, Salvatori, Rubelli, Boffi, Desalto, Foscarini, Spotti, De Padova, Molteni & C. and Zanotta are some of the design brands with which he collaborates or has collaborated - in addition to having created numerous showrooms and private interiors and some collections in limited edition, like the large space designed by Officine Saffi at Miart 2019, the NOTE floor lamp designed for De Padova is of particular interest. Elisa Ossino creates an intimate story for each company with which she develops her ideas, a method that makes her professional studio successful but not only: alongside it Elisa Ossino has carried out many parallel projects over the years with the same intense passion.