Furnishing home interiors is like standing in front of a blank canvas, the infinite potential of a blank canvas, a work of art, the home you hope to create. Do you have nice furnishing ideas but you don't know how to organize them? Does the project you have in hand not satisfy you? Request a design consultancy to furnish your home and interiors, we satisfy every design and purchase need of the customer, with high quality products and furniture: you just have to imagine.

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Whether you are reimagining a room décor (bathroom, kitchen, living room, sleeping area), a commercial environment such as an office or a whole house, AccaDueHome for planning and interior design is the ideal resource for creating inspired spaces. . Our designers are guided by AccaDueHome ethics and design, made of cultured and contemporary expertise. We conceive timeless atmospheres, in the furnishing of environments, but which reflect how you want to live inside and out. We like to bring out and realize the potential of all home environments and explore every possibility. Furnish? ... You just have to imagine.

Beauty and style in furnishing design and consultancy

We believe that the most pleasant environments are a reflection of human design, man understood as a study of balance, symmetry and perfect proportions. We respect the hierarchy and the important relationships between architecture and furniture, and the furniture in turn creates harmony. It is a landing that follows the rule of addition by subtraction, where less becomes more and calm is created through continuity, beauty is produced by the pleasant appearance and good taste of the whole. In the design of the furniture the house takes shape and the environments: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, follow the design process with continuity. Our designers put the customer at the center of the creative process, working with you and for you, to realize the potential of your home and to give life to your vision ... Image. See also the section dedicated to Project.



Request a Design Consultancy, we satisfy every furnishing need, aimed at the purchase of furniture of the best brands, with high quality projects, products and furniture.


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Our Interior Designer staff will interpret your needs in order to create a personalized project with attention to detail. We offer you a furniture consultancy service during the design phase, able to offer you design solutions for home environments that meet your needs and tastes.
We are available to guide you on the various phases of the project and to meet your expectations to create the furnishings for the home of your dreams. We will put our know-how and our commercial brands at your disposal, in order to guarantee you the best possible project at a competitive price.
Contact us for a free quote and you will have our expert designers in furniture consultancy at your disposal!

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