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Name: Pierre Paulin

Date:9 Luglio,1927

City:Parigi - Francia

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Pierre Paulin was born on July 9, 1927 in Paris, he was a French furniture designer and interior designer. His uncle Georges Paulin was a part-time automotive designer and invented the mechanical retractable hardtop, which was later executed by the Nazis in 1941.


After not finishing his studies and not having obtained his high school diploma, Pierre trained to become a ceramist in Vallaurius on the French Rivera and then as a stone sculptor in Burgundy. Shortly thereafter, he injured his right arm in a clash, ending his dreams as a sculptor. He then went on to attend the Ecole Camondo in Paris. He collaborated with the Gascoin company in Le Havre, where he became interested in Scandinavian and Japanese design. He was famous for his innovative ideas, with Artifort in the late 1950s he designed the Butterfly Armchair. At the time, his models of armchairs and chairs were considered very modern and unique, giving way to the successes of his projects among the younger population. In 1958 the story of the designer as mentioned above is intertwined with the furniture company Artifort, based in Maastricht. Between 1960 and 1970, Pierre Paulin developed for Artifort a range of seats made with molded wooden shells, filled with Pirelli foam and covered in stretch fabric. The real must-haves were: soft and rounded shapes, but above all bright colors. Even today, his pieces are still under construction and are sought after in auctions. During the 70s and 80s he was invited to furnish several iconic places, even as early as 1966, Pierre Paulin had contributed to redesigning the exhibition spaces of the Louvre together with the designers Joseph André Motte and André Monpoix. In 1971 Paulin rethinks the dining, smoking and exhibition rooms of the private apartments of the Elysée in Paris. In 1983 he furnished the office of François Mitterrand. Since 1979 he has worked as a consultant for the most diverse companies such as Calor, Ericsson, Renault, Saviem, Tefal, Thomson and Airbus.
Pierre Paulin is the man who made design an art, among his most famous projects not only the iconic seats in the galleries of the Louvre, but also the interiors of the private apartments of the Elysée.