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We are aimed at anyone who wants a product (kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe furniture, doors, accessories) of home furnishings that is of quality and in which both aesthetics and functional beauty can coexist. We design your kitchen space that must be beautiful, elegant and able to satisfy your aesthetic soul, without forgetting the functionality that every kitchen should have. We know that practicality is essential where tools are used and where you work. The Boffi kitchen must reflect your being, your idea of space, your family. We are prepared to please you, designing a kitchen well to furnish your home is a complex matter, we don't hold back, we like to have our say, even a simple piece of advice, we want to do a good job!
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  • Boffi Kitchen
    Boffi Kitchen


Boffi's story began more than 80 years ago in an artisan workshop and which today is expressed in a production process in which all processes are followed with total attention to quality.
A quality design applied to the furnishing of bathrooms and kitchens. Starting from this spirit and this entrepreneurial philosophy, the Boffi company has built a success story, going from being a simple family business to a real international brand, present with 70 showrooms in all major European cities.

" We are prepared to satisfy you, designing a kitchen to furnish your home is a complex matter, we do not hold back we like to have our say, even a simple advice, we want to do a nice job! You focus on desires, colors, materials ..."

A careful selection of materials and details, proven integration of manual skills, artisan knowledge and purely industrial technologies and an internal production process controlled at every stage of processing. This is Boffi today, a brand known all over the world for the widespread quality of its products, its shops, everything that revolves around the world of design and furniture, with the refined style of made in Italy for a home with exclusive taste.

The Boffi kitchens in the 2022 catalog are avant-garde and refined proposals that can completely change the style of your home. Among all the models in the collection you will undoubtedly find a creation that will meet all your needs. The company chooses innovation and to design its latest kitchens it has called upon itself the greatest and most famous designers in the world, such as Patricia Urquiola, Norbert Wangen, Luigi Massoni, Alberto Colonello, Joe Colombo.

Novelties presented at the Salone del Mobile


  • APR 60:

    A kitchen designed by Piero Lissoni, the final aesthetics let you guess the tastes and habits of the house for which it was born. A kitchen is asked above all to be functional, rational, capacious and sober. Both when designing it for an open living area, and when it is intended for its own independent environment. Provided, however, that in both cases the final aesthetics let you guess the tastes and habits of the house for which it was born. Apr 60 allows it.

Boffi Kitchen Apr60


    It is freedom of composition, a kitchen program characterized by simple monoblocks that can be combined with each other "Combine is like a complex game, with very simple elements, where work and life areas are built".

    Boffi kitchen Combine

    The value of the material, innovating the shapes to enhance the materials. The work on materials, surfaces and finishes offers continuous ideas for innovation to those who design and, consequently, in everyday use. Wood, stainless steel and stone are the natural habitat, aerospace technology, linear and unique aesthetic effects in only 6 mm of visible thickness. Extreme hardness of materials, scratch resistance and impermeability to fingerprints. Durinox steel, of tops and sinks, is pure innovation.

    Boffi kitchen Aprile

    Is an overview, the quality in the mixture of different worlds. Creativity is like a sliver that brings dissonant elements within a project to give new harmonies, far from stereotypes.

  • OPEN:

    It has a certain attitude towards simplicity, understood as a different way of imagining life. Open is a fully integrated kitchen: steel, wood and glass for the open kitchen system with a practical and dry nature. Leave everything within reach and in plain sight. Conceived for the exterior, it is also proposed with finishes suitable for the interior.

    Boffi Kitchen Open
  • HIDE:

    it's the luxury of creativity: Simplifying is organizing. The aesthetic component is part of a configural alphabet that starts from the function to redefine space. It is a full-fledged kitchen, but you can't see it. For small or large spaces. At home or in the office. It is modular and customizable to perform all the main functions of the kitchen. The doors camouflage it in the environment.
    [ Piero Lissoni ]

    Boffi kitchen Hide
  •  K2, K3, K4:

    Beyond the limit, the extreme synthesis of technology that immediately catches the eye in the formal cleaning of the "kitchen cube". The rigorous aesthetics meet the performance giving life to a theatrical technological scenography. The top slides over the monobloc kitchen and turns into a snack peninsula. There is everything you need under the sliding top-peninsula of the compact kitchen. Also a lowerable mixer, which allows sliding on the work surface and total closure.
  • K5, K6, K6 + 6:

    Second generation New models, new geometries "The strengths of the norbert wangen collection are the form and function that fit perfectly and do not contradict each other. The aesthetics of the shop are appreciated , in everyday life, practicality. " Aesthetic and functional flexibility The concept of the kitchen-cube It is a concept that extends. Its secret is to know how to decline aesthetic, as well as functional, flexibility in the "kitchen-cube". A demanding objective, but that of the "K" series kitchens by Norbert Wangen reach firmly.
  • K14:

    New ways of living are hidden in the details. The kitchen takes on a central role and the family conviviality and sociability of the living are built around it. Top and beveled doors, the oblique perimeter cut is an aesthetic and functional detail. The 30 ° bevel makes the aerial plane suspended. In the doors of bases and wall units, it allows opening, without handles. And it does not affect the compact vision of the whole.
  • K21:

    Aesthetic functionality with the K21 kitchen that meets the needs of functionality and aesthetics inspired by an informal way of living in the home where space optimization is a primary requirement. A cult kitchen The K line never exhausts its sophisticated evolutionary possibilities. An easy and comfortable opening of the door is guaranteed by the particular section of the handle together with the internal inclination of the top with respect to its surface.
    [ Norbert Wangen ]


    It is female thought, the ancient flavor of technological innovation. A kitchen made of tactile, concrete, real surfaces, capable of generating articulated compositions, different sizes, with all the functions necessary for use. Metal frame the Salinas kitchen is innovative, eco-friendly, tactile and highly customizable. Monochromatic, single-material or a mix of colors and materials: the doors are panels to be combined at will and can be replaced over time. Just like a dress.
    [ Patricia Urquiola ]

    Boffi kitchen Salinas
  • XILA:

    Quality hides in the normalcy of everyday life, just look for it. The innovations introduced by Luigi Massoni seem to leave this legacy in the kitchen environment which has changed its meaning and content with him. Dozer in the kitchen Modular system without handles It was the first to introduce itself to history with wall units and bases without handles, thanks to a simple pressure opening. A revolution that has made it unique and timeless.
    [ Luigi Massoni ]

    Boffi kitchen Xila
  • ON / OFF ST:

    Research and experimentation technology for daily use, to explore new dimensions of living. The project intended as a product of technological innovation and custom: a guideline that unites the meeting between Boffi and its designers. The closing panel opens upwards to reveal what you need. It is beautifully closed. It is beautiful open. It is like a single large container, equipped with a "window" that opens onto the fully equipped work surface. Freely modular.
    [ Alberto Colonello ]

    Boffi Kitchen On/Off St

    It is a kitchen with design on wheels "I made furniture for a house sized not only in space, but also in time, elastic, flexible, articulated, extensible". Minikitchen is a mini kitchen on wheels, it has the pleasure of movement to free itself from the walls. Born in the 60s in wood, today it is in Corian® or marine plywood for exteriors, but the intuition of integrating an equipped kitchen in a small space remains intact.
    [ Joe Colombo ]

    Boffi Kitchen model Minikitchen

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