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  • Appliances built-in suction systems
    Appliances built-in suction systems
    Appliances built-in suction systems

Since 2007, BORA, based in Raubling in Upper Bavaria, has been successfully developing and selling cooktop extractor systems that draw steam downwards using a patented technology. Today BORA stands for innovation and creativity in the kitchen. We have revolutionized the way of life and the architecture of the kitchen environment. The BORA principle is spreading more and more. We firmly believe that the era of extractor hoods is over. Bora hobs are among the most innovative and technological on the market. These hobs have been designed to offer a perfectly integrated kitchen and an unrivaled cooking experience. The hobs are available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, black glass and aluminum, to suit any kitchen style. The smooth, flat surface provides an even, easy-to-clean work area, making cleanup quick and easy. The hobs are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that make cooking food more efficient and precise. Bora has patented integrated extraction technology that eliminates fumes and odors during cooking, keeping the kitchen clean and fresh. Bora also offers a wide range of hobs to meet any user's cooking needs. The two or four zone hobs are perfect for a couple or family kitchen, while the larger hobs are ideal for professional kitchens or expert chefs. Furthermore, Bora also offers cooking islands, which are perfect for open kitchens and offer additional workspace. Bora hobs are among the best on the market with their eye-catching aesthetics, cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of options, Bora is a great choice for any kitchen.
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