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  • Mutina ceramic company
    Mutina ceramic company
    Mutina ceramic company

Mutina is a project born thirty years ago in the ceramics district of Fiorano, in the province of Modena, as a mirror of the best Made in Italy. The name of the company derives from the city of origin, Modena, in Latin, in fact, Mutina. Starting from the affirmations of Bruno Munari, one of the fathers of Italian design and the ten commandments of the good design of Dieter Rams, without forgetting the motto of Mies van der Rohe: "Less is more", Mutina is today an excellence of our country that aims at innovation and the choice of high-level partners. The year 2006 marks the turning point of the brand, as it starts a new way of looking at ceramics no longer as pure cladding, but as an author project, where the use of the material becomes an integral part of interior design. We start to use ceramics combining technology and handmade, in order to overcome the limits of the material, looking for the high quality of the product, achieved thanks to the use of a color palette that ranges from white to black, welcoming precious shades of gray , ivory, écru and a range of natural shades.
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