CC Tapis luxury rugs for home furnishings
CC Tapis luxury rugs for home furnishings
CC Tapis luxury rugs for home furnishings


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CC-Tapis Italian company born in France with conception and design headquarters in Milan, produces design carpets for furnishings handmade in Nepal. CC-Tapis produces hand-knotted contemporary carpets by expert Tibetan artisans for interior furnishings. The company was founded in France by Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni who have been producing carpets for over 18 years. CC-Tapis is a leading company in the premium carpet industry, with a reputation for innovation, creativity and quality. A strong respect for the materials and culture of this ancient craft is reflected in the company's eco-sustainable approach to every stage of production, which ranges from the hand-spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products, making each CC-Tapis carpet unique. CC-Tapis' mission is to create rugs that are not only functional, but also beautiful to look at and capable of transforming a room into an oasis of comfort and style. To achieve this, the company relocated to Milan, the designers work closely with the company and the world's most talented weavers to create carpets that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.
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