Capod'opera living furniture, tables, sideboards and mirrors
Capod'opera living furniture, tables, sideboards and mirrors
Capod'opera living furniture, tables, sideboards and mirrors


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Capod'opera is an Italian company that produces home furnishings of the highest quality level, known throughout the world for the refined aesthetics and functionality of the furniture, sideboards, tables for the living room and living area. The Capod'opera collections stand out for the originality of the artisan workforce and for the possibility of customizing textures, colors and finishes. The imagination and creativity of the made in Italy brand are expressed in the changing material range of the aesthetic compositions: from 3D effects to natural or geometric motifs up to coatings with gold, silver and bronze leaf, resin castings, abrasions and engravings in the wood. The manual workmanship of Capod'opera is an expression of a quality not far from unique pieces considered as real works of art. In medieval workshops, the apprentice who wanted to enter one of the Guilds of Arts and Crafts had to present the "CAPOD'OPERA". In other words, he had to demonstrate, through particularly careful and precise work, that he had acquired a considerable wealth of skills, knowledge and credibility. With the same spirit Capod'opera puts itself to the test every day with creations of the highest quality level, which surprise for aesthetics and functionality. The confirmation that the company is unique and original is given by the fact that all the furniture can be customized by choosing from the countless textures, colors and finishes.
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