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Davide Groppi is a name synonymous with poetry and innovation in the world of lighting design. The Italian designer, born in 1963, started his journey in 1988 from a small workshop in the historic center of Piacenza. He began inventing and producing lamps under his own brand. Over time, he has crafted a brand that has made light its muse, skillfully molding it to create unique and evocative pieces that not only illuminate but also inspire emotion.

  • Davide Groppi Interior exterior lighting for home furnishings
    Davide Groppi Interior exterior lighting for home furnishings
    Davide Groppi Interior exterior lighting for home furnishings

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Davide Groppi Italian lighting company for modern home furnishings and to illuminate all the rooms of the house, living area, living room, kitchen, entrance, to go to the sleeping area, bathroom, bedroom. Since the end of the eighties, starting from a very small laboratory in the historic center of Piacenza, Davide Groppi has been inventing and producing lamps with the homonymous brand. Over time, creative and entrepreneurial independence have made it possible to develop original and highly recognizable projects, distributed all over the world.
Projects that come from the heart and the brain, intuitions that emerge from a certain way of being and thinking. Lamps and light projects in which simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention are the fundamental components of the project. Davide Groppi's lamps are never born simply as lamps, but as the need to give shape to a need like the TeTateT table lamp or to a meaning. His inspirations are frequently art, ready-mades, magic, the desire to do things with his hands or simply the desire to play and joke with light, thus the filiform Sampei is born, the mystical Nulla, a very simple idea a hole in the ceiling with light points, express great inspiration, perpetuating the magic of a furnishing element as ethereal as it is fundamental to define the atmosphere of places such as light.
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A Poetic Approach to Lighting

Davide Groppi's lamps are not simply light sources; they are true works of art. The designer is distinguished by his poetic and minimalist approach, which leads him to conceive light as an essential element for defining space and creating unique atmospheres. His creations are characterized by essential lines, pure forms, and precious materials, such as metal, glass, and concrete.

Lighting for Every Environment

Davide Groppi offers a wide range of lamps to meet every lighting need, from home decor to outdoor spaces. From wall and ceiling lamps to table and floor lamps, each creation is designed to enhance environments with discretion and elegance. Davide Groppi's lamps never simply emerge as lamps but rather as the need to give shape to a necessity, such as the TeTateT table lamp , or to a meaning. His inspirations often stem from art, ready-made objects, magic, the desire to craft things by hand, or simply the urge to play and jest with light. Thus, creations like the slender Sampei or the mystical Nulla, a simple idea of a hole in the ceiling with light points, embody great imagination, perpetuating the enchantment of a furnishing element as ethereal as it is essential in defining the atmosphere of spaces: light.

A Particular Focus on Outdoor

In recent years, Davide Groppi has paid special attention to outdoor lighting, developing garden and terrace lamps that seamlessly integrate with outdoor spaces. His creations, weather-resistant and elegantly designed, allow for the creation of evocative and welcoming atmospheres even outdoors. An example of this is the Hazard wall lamp, fascinating with its minimalist design that creates sophisticated illumination.

Davide Groppi: A Benchmark Brand

With his talent and passion for light, Davide Groppi has established himself as one of the most appreciated lighting designers in the world. His lamps are present in the most prestigious homes and spaces, and have been exhibited in important museums and art galleries.

Why Choose Davide Groppi?

If you are looking for lighting that not only illuminates but also knows how to excite and create unique atmospheres, Davide Groppi is the brand for you. His lamps are an investment in design and quality that will accompany you for many years to come.

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