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Since the late eighties, starting from a small workshop in the historic center of Piacenza, Davide Groppi invents and produces lamps bearing the homonymous brand. Over time, creative and entrepreneurial independence have allowed the development of original and highly recognizable projects distributed throughout the world. Projects that come from the heart and the brain, insights that emerge from a certain way of being and thinking.Lamps and light projects in which simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention are the fundamental components of the project. Davide Groppi's lamps are never born simply as lamps, but as the need to give shape to a need or a meaning. His inspirations are frequently art, ready-made, magic, the desire to do things with his hands or simply the desire to play and joke with light. The filiforme Sampei , mysticism or light points Nothing , on the other hand, expresses his great inspiration, perpetuating the magic of a furnishing element that is as ethereal as it is fundamental to define the atmosphere of the places.

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