Society Limonta household linen fabrics


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Society Limonta home collection is the Italian brand born in 2000 that revolutionizes household linen, with a particular sensitivity for all that is 'design'. It was born within the Limonta di Costa Masnaga Group, a historic textile company, founded at the end of the 19th century and still an important reference point for textile innovation in the clothing and furniture sectors. Society Limonta creates innovative home couture solutions for home furnishings, exploring new color variations and textile processes for the table, bedroom and bathroom. Society has revolutionized the very idea of ​​household linen, creating a possibility that was not there before: that of dressing up your home, how you dress yourself, favoring mix & match, combining or messing up colors, prints and materials . This possibility generates infinite combinations and allows the customer to cultivate their creativity and express an extremely personal style. Society Limonta collections are born from careful research, from the desire to create innovation, from the care for design, combined with an unconventional vision of luxury. A continuous research that goes into the unprecedented combination of materials, or by transferring a process to a material that had never experienced it before and, finally, mixing textures and colors.

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