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We started working in Germany in 1985, and established the company in 1990 in Berlin. After seven years in Germany, we returned to Japan and established the Japanese company in 1992. Our seven years of experience in a completely different culture gave us the neutral perspective to reconsider the true value of Japan, the country where we were born and raised. Many traditional industries remain throughout Japan, and we have manufactured high quality products in our partner workshops across the country. We think it is important is to reconsider unique traditional Japanese culture and acquire wisdom about living and craft based on the beliefs that have been accumulated by many of our forerunners. We would like to utilize the assets gained through the acquisition of such wisdom in the design and manufacturing of new products in light of our modern everyday lives to convey this beautiful and subtle manufacturing craft to Japan and the rest of the world. We offer different kinds of tools that are necessary in our daily lives, such as furniture (our main product), lighting equipment, tableware, and towels, covering a wide range of products from small teacups to tables. They are all original products created from the consistent concept of our company. We create contemporary living space where the past and future are linked by a variety of elements. Our products have a pleasant sense of tension within a simple form, and are achieved through the faithful handiwork of Japanese artisans. The appearance of each product is not always in Japanese style. However, these carefully and thoughtfully designed and sincerely created products definitely have a certain presence. Although they may appear neutral and neither Japanese nor Western, the small details and dignified air that surrounds the products give off a genuine taste of Japan. In Japan, many artisans all over the country have acquired advanced skills that were passed down over a long period of time. We continue to accept the challenge of creating a new tradition of monozukuri with like-minded artisans in the different regions of Japan.

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