• Time & Style home decor furniture
    Time & Style home decor furniture
    Time & Style home decor furniture

Time & Style started working in Germany in 1985 and was founded in 1990 in Berlin, in 2020 signs a collaboration with BOFFI | of Padua. The company focuses on the production of high quality and durable design elements for home furnishings, with a nod to classic Japanese design and highlighting the tactile qualities of solid wood.
After seven years in Germany in 1992, the company decides to return to Japan. The seven years of experience in a completely different culture has given us the neutral perspective to reconsider the true value of Japan, the country where we were born and raised. For three decades, the Japanese brand Time & Style has been protecting and promoting the manufacturing skills and traditions associated with Japanese carpentry.
Many traditional industries located all over Japan, making high quality products, are Time & Style's partner workshops. The company creates products for a contemporary living space where the past and the future are connected by a variety of elements. The products have a pleasant sense of tension within a simple form and are crafted through the faithful handwork of Japanese craftsmen. While they may appear neutral, neither Japanese nor Western, the small details and dignified air that surrounds the products exude a genuine flavor of Japan. Many artisans across the country acquired advanced skills that have been passed down to the present day. The Time & Style ēdition collections created for Boffi|DePadova communicate the elegance of Japanese manufacturing through a contemporary lens that emphasizes the timeless quality of each individual piece.
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