Falper bathroom accessories
Falper bathroom accessories
Falper bathroom accessories


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Falper, an Italian company based in Ozzano dell'Emilia, designs and markets furniture and accessories for the bathroom environment, products renowned for the high quality of the materials used, typical of an evident stylistic figure recognized by international markets. All this is accompanied by a constant focus on innovation. From washbasins to bathtubs, Falper's production takes the form of functional and pleasing to the eye creations, the result of an entrepreneurial tradition of over 50 years. Falper's story begins in 1962 thanks to Guido Fallavena. The first productions concern furniture in plastic material. It will only be at the beginning of the 1980s that the brand will begin to conceive the first shower systems, up to the point of designing taps, accessories and other bathroom furnishings. The basic idea of ​​the brand's productions has always been to offer elegant, modern products that know how to reflect a lifestyle devoted to beauty. Furniture that becomes the protagonist of the changing contemporary scenario, and that stand out for the originality of the design. Falper attracts the imagination of architects and craftsmen, already appreciated professionals or creatives who wish to grow and establish their name in the world of high quality design. Together these figures succeed in offering the markets bathroom furnishings that become instant classic, products to have and proudly display in your own home.
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