Swarovski home lighting with Crystals
Swarovski home lighting with Crystals
Swarovski home lighting with Crystals

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Swarovski Lighting was founded in Austria in 1895 with the launch by Daniel Swarovski of specific machines for cutting glass. Since then it is synonymous with absolute quality in the processing of crystal, of which the Austrian company is a leader in the international market. The transition from this intuition to the production of the first lamps in 1965 was short: since then, Swarovski has amazed and innovated the world of lighting and more. The Swarovski brand is renowned for its cutting-edge language that combines lighting with a material as precious as crystal, in unique products of their kind. The Swarovski crystals, skilfully worked by designers and craftsmen, adorn unique pieces in the jewelry industry and even luxury chandeliers for the lighting industry. A growth process that in 2011 led to the founding of Swarovski Lighting, Ltd..
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