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Maxalto, second brand of B&B Italia, brings together a prestigious collection of interior furniture since 1975. Maxalto derives from the Veneto "Massa Alto" which means "the highest" to indicate the goal of excellence that distinguishes its collections of high-end furniture. Strongly desired and moderated by the great architect and designer Antonio Citterio, the acronym Maxalto selects products of excellence, furnishings that are characterized by attention to detail, the use of excellent materials such as marble and the best solid wood. Maxalto stands out for its excellent woodworking, in which craftsmanship and industrial technologies interact with each other to create products of high quality both in terms of aesthetic-quality and technical-functional. The reinterpretation of the classic theme in the contemporary is evident in the series of Febo seats, in Pathos tables and tables or in Alcor storage units. Timeless and no frills design, destined to remain unchanged in time.

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