• Oluce design lighting company for furniture
    Oluce design lighting company for furniture
    Oluce design lighting company for furniture

OLUCE is the most historic Italian company still operating as a leader in the lighting sector founded in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni. The history of Oluce reveals a unique production excellence that translates into forms a passionate technological research on the potential of light, of which each lamp constitutes a stage. Unusual materials, unusual shapes and new light sources have given life to revolutionary projects over time: icons of Italian design signed by Tito Agnoli, Joe Colombo, Marco Zanuso, Ostuni and Forti and Vico Magistretti who have rewritten the history of lighting since the 1950s . Lamps such as Atollo by Magistretti or the Spider lamp by Joe Colombo are timeless design icons in the home furnishing sector. Alongside the new products and collections in the catalog, starting from 2015, Bespoke Tailoring was born, the customization service that Oluce has designed specifically for the contract.
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