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Contardi is an Italian brand of lighting, lighting and design of suspension, wall, floor, table and battery lamps, for indoor and outdoor, with great decorative power, expressed through a skilful use of shapes, materials and advanced technologies an example is the Muse Lantern battery-powered outdoor lamp. Contardi was founded in 1978, the Milanese company has specialized in the production of lights for the contract sector, ensuring high quality standards and a refined style capable of satisfying every need. In a few years, Contardi has managed to conquer the global market in the furniture sector. Contardi lamps are elegant products in step with the times, the result of collaboration with internationally renowned designers such as Alltogether, Servomuto, Nika Zupanc and Staffan Tollgard. In Contardi's philosophy, the design of a lamp is like a caterpillar, to become real it has to put its wings, and to understand if it has the skills you need to create a prototype.