Henge luxury furnishing accessories
Henge luxury furnishing accessories
Henge luxury furnishing accessories


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Henge is an Italian company specialized in the production of objects, furnishing accessories such as tables, chairs, lamps and mirrors in the luxury sector which stand out for the quality of the Made in Italy craftsmanship. Natural materials become an organic whole, a combination of space and nature, and each piece is individually crafted to ensure originality and uniqueness. Sophisticated materials such as metals, lava stone and precious woods distinguish the Henge world. Handcrafted creations, in which the hand of man has a precise meaning, and a very high level of customization up to products that are truly designed and assembled for each individual project and each individual customer, an opposite and antithetical constructive approach to industrial production bound by precise production cycles. Choosing what will accompany us in our home is the search for a difficult balance between calculation of the mind, mere function, and those reasons of the heart from which arise a sense of beauty and passion, choices that must necessarily refer to our personal feelings, releasing us day after day the same pleasure. Henge produces various furnishing accessories for the home environment: tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases, sideboards, mirrors and lamps. Each object is very different from each other, by type and materials used.
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