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  • Nahoor lighting for home furnishings
    Nahoor lighting for home furnishings
    Nahoor lighting for home furnishings

NAHOOR is an Italian lighting company that operates in the home furnishing sector born in 2009, the result of the creative work of William Pianta who, treasuring the past of Italian design, reinterprets it thanks to stimuli from everyday life, the term Nahoor derives from Aramaic and means "source", precisely to refer to the idea of a light that generates emotions and makes the home environment welcoming. A sophisticated collection of suspension, floor, wall and table lamps designed for interiors and also available for outdoor. The result of an Italian way of thinking about light, each NAHOOR piece is also produced entirely in Italy by Italian artisans who produce and finish each object by hand, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the most advanced technologies to guarantee the highest quality authentically Made in Italy.
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