Agape design bathrooms home furnishings
Agape design bathrooms home furnishings
Agape design bathrooms home furnishings


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Agape, an Italian bathroom furniture company, produces collections of mirrors, bathtubs, washbasins, showers and modern design bathroom furniture. Agape was founded in 1973 in Verona, the company was born with the vocation of designing new interpretations of the bathroom and today it is one of the reference points of contemporary furniture.
With Agape, the bathroom is a vital and regenerating environment, dedicated, with minimal and elegant shapes, a place where well-being ceases to be just a functional space to become the emotional center of the home. Since its inception, the innate aptitude for design combined with the desire to dialogue with Italian manufacturing excellence have made Agape's research one of the most interesting expressions of Made in Italy. Over time, the company has built a rich network of collaborations with industrial and artisan realities with which it shares a passion for quality and innovation.
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