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In 1973 FIAM was founded, the first company to produce curved glass furnishing elements. Among the most iconic products made by the company, there is the Ghost armchair. Conceived and designed by Cini Boeri, it is the first monolithic armchair made from a single 12 cm thick glass sheet. Equally important in the company's history are the Pouf Onda - the first product in curved glass made by the company - the Ponte small table and the Ragno table. Many of the Fiam products have been exhibited in 25 international museums as design objects and works of art. The Ghost [4], Illusion and Tango - in particular - are exhibited at The Corning Museum of Glass in New York. The sculpture "Tables of the Law" by Emilio Isgrò, on the other hand, is exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. In 2011, the Ghost armchair was selected to be put on display at "Le Fabbriche dei sogni" at the Milan Triennale.

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