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ADL Door is a company that was founded in 2004 by the will of the designer Massimo Luca and aims to create doors for home furnishings and products full of technology that represent an architectural function within homes. ADL builds hinged, sliding or pivot / folding doors inside and flush with the wall. Thanks to Massimo Luca's experience in the field of design, the orientation and mission of the company was natural. ADL aims to create doors that are not just a simple piece of furniture, but that complement the environment by becoming part of it. ADL doors want to distinguish themselves by transforming into openings that do not divide spaces, but that divide them and unite them at the same time, creating "flowing spaces". ADL doors are made of aluminum and are an expression of technology applied to furniture, every detail is designed to achieve ever higher goals with innovative products. Glass and aluminum represent the raw materials used by ADL for its products. The aluminum frame is light, but at the same time solid and long-lasting; it gives the door a technical aspect that binds perfectly with the glass plate, which helps to isolate sounds and smells. The company is in constant research and experimentation in the field of design and has a high capacity for customization. Each shape, material, finish and color is designed and used to create a precise project, in which design does not prevail over technology but is combined with it coexisting within the ADL product.

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